Open 7 days a week, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This intimate space leads out onto its world renowned wrap around balcony, expansive botanical lawns and views of the Karkloof Valley that are simply breathtaking. Our menu extends to the homely feel that we offer. Comfort food that feeds the soul and space that compliments this beautifully. A destination experience on many travellers bucket list since 1838


Lighter Meals

Chunky Vegetable and Beef Soup – R 65.00

Avocado Salad – R65.00
 Mixed Greens, cream cheese, citrus, pepper and sesame seeds (V)

Chicken Salad – R70.00
Mixed greens, feta, sticky fried chicken and walnuts

Greek Salad – R60.00
Olives and feta with herb dressing (V)

Black Label Fish and Chips – R80.00

Homemade beef patty or marinated chicken breast with coleslaw, relish and french fries
R 80.00

Gourmet blue cheese and guacamole burger with french fries
R 95.00

Steak Egg and Midlands Egg – R95.00
150g Rump served with onion rings and french fries

Main Meals

Braised Oxtail – R 155.00
Cream cheese mash

Bangers and Mash – R75.00
 Cream cheese mash and pork bangers

Lamb Shank – R185.00
Slow braised with mash

Beef Fillet – R135.00
Succulent 200g fillet with your choice of green peppercorn, garlic or mushroom sauce

Chicken Schnitzel – R80.00
With feta and bacon

Mutton Curry – R120.00
With savoury rice and sambals

Rosemary Chicken and Basil Pesto Tagliatelle – R85.00
Roasted tomato and nuts Swop chicken for green beans (V)

Cheeseboard for Two – R190.00
Boursin, brie and mature gouda with genoa salami, pancetta, coppa ham and pork bresaola – Tapenade, nuts, sweet chilli pesto, figs


Ask about our daily cake offering available)

Malva Pudding – R40.00

Rich Chocolate Brownies – R40.00

Apple Crumble and Cream – R45.00

Ice Cream Cake – R50.00
With nuts, chocolate, honeycomb and warm peanut butter chocolate sauce

Ice Cream – R40.00
Bar one sauce

Scones – R40.00
Jam and cream

Children's Menu

Macaroni Cheese – R 40.00

Chicken Strips and French Fries – 50.00

Toasted Cheese and French Fries – R45.00

Plate of French Fries – R25.00

Fish Fingers and French Fries – R40.00
With feta and bacon

Milkshakes – R40.00
oreo, crunchie, vanilla or chocolate